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SysMon is a complete iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad monitoring app, that lets you know about the current memory in use and free [ Memory here stands for Random Access Memory-RAM, devices has the limited RAM from 128 mb to 512 mb ].

This app also lets you know about battery level, processes running in background, disk information that gives you information about total disk capacity and total disk space used and available, and device information such as device name, model, IP address, MAC address, your device's unique id and more...

How does it work?
system monitor
  • Memory tab
     - shows you information about used and free memory and it also frees your memory when ever it is opened (for all device models), or brought into focus (only in multi-tasking supported devices - iOS4 devices). So if your are running in low memory, your apps will crash frequently and you have to restart your phone to solve this. Now with SysMon app, you just open this app and select memory tab, you will see the app frees memory for you.
  • Battery tab
     - lets you know about the battery level and gives you detailed view about how long you could use your device without recharging based on your battery health. It also allow you to specify your battery health.
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  • Process tab
     - List the current running process, so that you can aware of any unwanted or not needed app running. Some applications may use Push notifications and locations services which may drain your battery, this list helps you to find the running applications that you don't need, so you could terminate them.

  • Disk Information
     - provides pie chart that shows the total, used and free disk space. Disk space is the storage memory where your apps, music and other files gets stored, your device may have 8GB/32GB/64GB of disk space.
  • System information
     - lets you know about your device's unique id, MAC address, IP Address, device name & model, OS Version, and Bus Frequency and your device's last boot time i.e. last time when you switched on your device.